Description: THATCHPRO is water-soluble preservative powder consisting of inorganic borates for use as an additive to THATCHCON (a fire retardant liquid concentrate) to provide combined fire and biological protection to thatch when applied by controlled impregnation in a one-step process, known as THATCHBOR FR treatment.Inorganic borates are also well-known fire retardant compounds and therefore complement the fire retardant action of THATCHCON.
Active Ingredients: Mixture of borate salts
Physical Characteristics:
Appearance Free-flowing white crystalline powder
Solubility Soluble in water
Bulk Density ± 960 kg/m³
PH @ 20g/ ± 8,0
Use Restriction: For industrial use only.
Application: By impregnation of thatch under controlled process conditions in combination with THATCHCON.
Application Rates: 30 g/kg, minimum (equates to 28,2 g boric acid equivalent/kg)
Dilution Rates: Typically used at THATCHPRO mass concentrations ranging from 40 g/ to 80 g/.
Storage: Storage under cool, dry conditions.
Packaging: 25kg nett plastic bags.
Note: (i) Boric acid equivalent (H3BO3_ = 939 g/kg (min)UN No: N/A Hazchem Code: 1[T] (ii) Non-flammable, non-explosive