ECO ROD(Specialized)

Description: ECO ROD is a solid diffusible boron-based wood preserving rod for remedial and supplemental treatment that protects the internal portion of treated wooden poles and timber structures in service against fungal decay.The ECO ROD is formulated to penetrate heartwood and sapwood of timber by means of diffusion. Moisture levels over 20 percent in wood where the chemical rods have been inserted will start the diffusion process. The treatment controls and provides supplemental protection against internal fungal decay. The boron-based active ingredient is safe to use, environmentally acceptable and is an internationally recognised wood preservative.
Active Ingredients: Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (See Note (i) below)
Physical Characteristics:
Appearance Light green solid rod
Solubility Soluble in water (± 150 g/ @ 20°C)
Density ± 1,34 kg/cc
pH @ 10 g/ ± 8,5
Use Restriction: For home garden use.
Application: Insert solid diffusible rods into drilled holes and plug holes as prescribed on label (See “Directions for use”).
Application Rates: 2 to 6 x ± 10,5 g rods per pole; repeat every 5 to 10 years.
Dilution Rates: Not applicable.
Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions.
Packaging: 126 g net (12 rods) plastic boxes and 2,1 kg net (200 rods) cardboard boxes.
Note: (i) Boric acid equivalent (H3BO3) = 840 g/kg (min.) UN No.: N/A, Hazchem code: 1[T] (ii) Non-flammable, non-explosive.